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Pets can be beautiful too, even if they itch. Take away that uncomfortable scratching by first bathing with our soothing anti-itch bar. Then apply Mooseberry Pet balm to troubled hot spots, burned paws, and dry nozzle.

Best Seller. Effective and Relieving.

Refreshing Natural Lemongrass Scent. Bug bites or skin irritations; Contains Jewelweed in case they come in contact with the itchiness of the outdoors. Protects humans, too. Works on poison ivy, poison sumac, and when skin comes in contact with plants due to gardening, camping or outdoor living.

Leaves coat soft and fluffy and smelling great!

Ingredients: Saponified Vegan Soap made with Organic* Coconut*, Olive*, Sunflower*, Lemongrass*, Tea Tree*, Lemon*, Jewelweed, Plantain, Turmeric*, Walnut*, Comfrey*

4 oz

Always try any of our pet products on a small patch of your own human skin first.

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