Experience the soothing experience of Mooseberry’s Liquid Soaps, crafted to cleanse and nourish with every pump. Our liquid soaps are more than just a cleaning product; they’re a daily pampering session for your skin, made with ingredients that love your skin back. Whether you’re washing up quickly or indulging in a leisurely bath, these soaps turn a simple routine into a luxurious escape.

Liquid Hand Soap

Starting at $22.00

Natural Body Wash

Starting at $20.00

Switch up your washing routine with our range of scents and formulas designed to suit all skin types. Each soap is packed with moisturizing agents and nature’s best, ensuring your skin stays soft and hydrated. Get ready to lather up in something truly special with Mooseberry Liquid Soaps—it’s like a spa day, every day!

Shop our products now and experience the difference that natural body care can make.

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