At Mooseberry Soap Company, we believe in keeping things real—real ingredients, real benefits, and really good care for your skin. Our balms are packed with natural ingredients that do exactly what they're supposed to: moisturize, protect, and soothe your skin without any unnecessary frills or fuss. Whether you're facing dry, sensitive, or irritated skin, our carefully formulated balms offer a gentle yet effective remedy. 

Sleep Time Balm

Starting at $16.00

Bug Balm

Starting at $16.00

Anti-itch Balm

Starting at $16.00

Dive into our selection and pick the balm that fits your skin's needs. With Mooseberry, what you see is what you get: effective, easy-to-understand skincare solutions that work. Give your skin the honest nourishment it deserves. For more information, contact our team of professionals at 315-332-8913. We look forward to hearing from you!

Shop our products now and experience the difference that natural body care can make.

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