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MSC-365WHHALFKANDYKANE   100 Mini Holiday Soaps in Bulk
MSC-365-SOAPPACKSWRAP   24-Bar Label Kit
MSC-365ASS64   64-Pack Assorted Bar Starter Kit
MSC101WINTERPINE4   A Winter Pine Forest 4-Pack
MSC101   Adirondack Forest & Sage Soap Bar
MSC-SEO-02ADIRFOREST   Adirondack Forest and Sage Cologne Blend
MSC-TEO-01A   Alkanet (Natural Purple)
MSC-SMB-12ALOEBTR   Aloe Butter Soap Base 7.87 per LB
MSC203AnimalSoaps   Animal Soaps 5-pack
MSC-TEO-01H1   Annatto Seed
MSC-TEO-01B   Annatto, Ground (Yellow to Orange)
MSC101ANTIITCH   Anti Itch Soap Bar Camp & Outdoor
MSC-SEO-02AQ1   Apple Quinoa Oil Blend
MSC102   Apple Quinoa Soap Bar
MSC-365ASSBESTSELLER128   Assorted 128-Pack Artisan Bars
MSC-SFR-0199AvocOil   Avocado Oil
MSC125   Baby Bar (Organic)
MSC-SEO-14PINE1   Balsam Pine Essential Oil
MSC402BMS   Bearded Moose Shaving, Moustache & Beard Products
MSC-TEO-01ABC   Beet Powder (Purplish-Red-Brown)
MSC-SEO-14BERGAMOT1   Bergamot Essential Oil
MSC111   Berry Starry Nights Soap Bar - Holiday Season
MSC-SEO-14BIRCH   Birch Essential Oil
MSC571   Black Eucalyptus Soap (Organic)
MSC-365-SOAPBlackgrape   Blackberry Grape Soap Bar
MSC-SEO-14BLKVAN   Blackberry Vanilla Oil Blend
MSC104   Blackberry-Vanilla Soap Bar - SEASONAL SOLD OUT
MSC-365-SOAPBLUEBERRY   Blueberry Swirl Soap Bar
MSC-365-BOTTLESANDJARS   Bottles and Jars
BULKPOWDER   Bulk Talc-Free Powders - Try them all!
RETAILBUYTHREEGETONEFREE   Buy 3 Assorted Best Selling Artisan Soaps, Get one FREE
MSC-TEO-01E   Calendula, Petal (Natural Yellow)
MSC-365-CALMANDRELAXSPRAYS   Calm and Relax Spray (Organic)
MSC701   Camp Soap - Bugs Hate it, You Love it! Soap Bar
CANDELILLAWAX   Candelilla Wax SALE 25 % OFF
CARNAUBAWAX   Carnauba Wax SALE 25% off!
MSC-SFR-0199CastorOil   Castor Oil in Bulk SALE PRICE
MSC-SEO-12CEDARPATCH   Cedar Patchouli Essential Oil Blend
MSC-SEO-03CED   Cedarwood Essential Oil
MSC-SMB-12CHAMOBTR   Chamomile Butter Soap Base 7.87 Per LB
MSC-SEO-03Cg   Chamomile Essential Oil
MSC-TEO-01O   Chamomile Flowers
MSC-TEO-01F   Charcoal, Botanical (Rich Natural Black)
MSC-SEO-05   Citronella Essential Oil
MSC-SEO-04A1   Clove Bud Essential Oil
MSC-SFR-0199CocoaButter   Cocoa Butter (Organic)
MSC-SFR-0199CoconutOil   Coconut Oil (Sustainable Organic )
MSC-TEO-01Ca   Comfrey Powder (Earthy Green)
MSC115C   Conditioner Bars
MSC-TEO-01ECORNSILK   Corn Silk (Natural Light Brown Color)
MSC129   Cranberry Lake Soap Bar
MSC105   Custom Holiday Soaps
MSC-365-CUSTOMLABELS-   Custom Labels (48 per pack)
MSC801AB   Dry Shampoo for Cats & Dogs (Organic)
MSC801ECOSOAPSAVERPACK   Eco Soap Saver 20-Pack
MSC801ECOSOAPSAVER   Eco Soap Saver 3-Pack Gift Set
MSC-365-ARTISANSOAPBAGS   Eco-Friendly Soap Bags (48)
MSC-SEO-08   Eucalyptus Essential Oil
MSC-SEO-08A   Eucalyptus Mint Essential Oil Blend
MSC-SFR-0199OrgOliveOil   Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Organic)
MSC-365-FLAPPLEBAR   Finger Lakes Apple Soap Bar
MSC-SEO-08G   Ginger Essential Oil
MSC-TEO-01N   Grapefruit Peel Powder
MSC-TEO-01H   Green Clay, French (Whitish Green)
MSC-SFR-99   Ground Vanilla Bean
MSC-365WHARTISANSM   Half Size Soap Bars (100)
MSC-CANDLESRETAIL1   Hand Poured Moisturizing Candles Call for A Quote
MSC-TEO-01C   Herbal Blend (Light Green)
OS-GS-1   Holiday Bar (Available Nov-Dec)
MSC109HA   Honey Almond Shea Bar
MSC110   Honey Lavender Shea
MSC-365-SOAPHONEYSUCKLE   Honey Suckle Sea Salt Soap Bar
MSC111-B   Hot Cocoa Soap Bar
MSC801ABCHUMMINGBIRD   Hummingbird Food (Organic)
MSC111KKBASKET   Kandy Kane Soap Bars (Seasonal)
MSC-TEO-01EKAOLIN   Kaolin Clay (Natural Light Gray Color)
MSC-SEO-10LV   Lavender Mint Essential Oil
MSC-365-SOAPFLEA   Lavender Mint Flea Soap Bar for Sensitive Pets
MSC-365-LavenderMint   Lavender Mint Soap Bar
MSC-SEO-15LEMONLE   Lemon Essential Oil
MSC-TEO-01ABCD   Lemongrass
MSC-SEO-13LEMGR   Lemongrass Essential Oil
MSC-SEO-13LEMGRTEA   Lemongrass Tea Tree Toner Essential Oil
MSC112   Lemongrass Toner Soap Bar
MSC-SEO-15LLI   Lime Essential Oil
MSC-SMB-SMC-SUPP1LYEPOTAS   Lye (Potassium Hydroxide)
MSC-SMB-SMC-SUPP1LYE   Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) per lb
MSC-TEO-01H1a   Madder Root (Deep Red)
Mang   Mango Butter
MSC-SMB-12AMANGOBTRBASE   Mango Butter Soap Base 7.87 Per LB
MSC101MANGOPAPAYA   Mango Papaya Soap Bar
MSC-SMB-07AAFRICANSOAPBASE   Melt and Pour Base (Black Colorant & Soap Base) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07BROWNSOAP   Melt and Pour Base (Brown Soap & Colorant Base) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07GREENSOAP   Melt and Pour Base (Green Colorant Soap Base) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07REDSOAP   Melt and Pour Base (Red Clay & Colorant Soap Base) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07B   Melt and Pour Natural Soap Base (Clay Base) 7.87 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07BB   Melt and Pour Natural Soap Base (Double Clay Base) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07ASTABLEVAN   Melt and Pour Natural Soap Base (Vanilla Bean) 8.87 per LB
MSC-SMB-05   Melt and Pour Natural Soap Base (White)
MSC-SMB-08   Melt and Pour Soap Base (Economical White)
MSC-SMB-14BLGR   Melt and Pour Soap Base (Light Blue-Gray Hue) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-10   Melt and Pour Soap Base (Shea)
MSC-SMB-14FLOR   Melt and Pour Soap Base Floral (Light Pink Hue) 10.99 Per LB
MSCCHOCMOOSESOAP   Moose-on-the-Loose Chocolate Soap 3-Pack (Organic)
MSC204   Mooseberry Baby Balm (Organic and Vegan)
MSC-WBP-Giftset-RETAIL   Mooseberry Baby Gift Set
MSC202   Mooseberry Baby Powder Talc-Free (Organic)
MSC203   Mooseberry Baby Wash (Organic)
MSC705   Mooseberry Bug Balm
MSC-SMB-05LOWS   Mooseberry Custom Melt and Pour Soap Base (Clear) $7.87 Per LB
MSC-SMB-07A   Mooseberry Custom Melt and Pour Soap Base (White) 7.87 per LB
PETFLEPOWDER1   Mooseberry Flea Powder
MSC802   Mooseberry Organic Pet Wash
MSC804   Mooseberry Vegan Pet Balm
MSC-TEO-01   Natural Coloring Kit
MSC-SMB-04NATCONDITIONBASE   Natural Conditioner Base
WHORGFACE1GAL   Natural Face Cream Base
MSC103   Natural Lotion
MSC-SMB-04LOTIONBASEORG1   Natural Lotion Base
MSC402   Natural Moisturizing Face Cream
MSC-TEO-01I   Natural Red Colorant Blend
MSC-SHVORGBASE   Natural Shaving Liquid Base
MSC-SMB-04BODYWHANDSOAPBASE   Natural Sulphate-Free Hand Soap Base
SHAMPOOSULPHATEFREE   Natural Sulphate-Free Shampoo/Body Wash Base
MSC-TEO-01GO   Oatmeal Powder, Ground (Tan Color)
MSC-SEO-02OS   Oatmeal Spice Essential Oil Blend
MSC115   Ocean Lavender Bar
MSC-SEO-09   Ocean Lavender Essential Oil
MSC-SEO-14BERGAMOTOROB   Orange Bergamot Essential Oil
MSC116   Orange Cream Soap Bar
MSC-TEO-01M   Orange Peel Powder
MSC-365-ANTIITCHBALM   Organic Anti Itch Balm
MSC-SMB-04SHAMPOOBASEFORBABY   Organic Baby Wash & Shampoo Base
MSC451-458BB-12   Organic Body Butter 12-PACK
MSC-365-WHBODYMISTPACKS   Organic Body Mists & Room/Linen Sprays
MSC-SEO-05BUGSHATEIT   Organic Bug Repellent Essential Oil Blend
MSC706   Organic Camp Lotion
MSC-SFR-0199CocOil   Organic Coconut Oil in Bulk SALE PRICE
MSC401-12   Organic Coffee Eye Cream 12-Pack
MSC-SMB-04CONDITIONBASE   Organic Conditioner Base SOLD OUT
MSC402G-12   Organic Gold Face & Body Cream 12-PACK
MSC-SMB-14   Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base (Coconut Milk) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-14VB   Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base (Creamy Vanilla) 10.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-11   Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base (Hemp) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-14LAV   Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base (Light Purple Hue) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-14LEM   Organic Melt and Pour Soap Base (Light Yellow Hue) 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-09   Organic Olive Oil Melt and Pour Soap Base 9.99 Per LB
MSC-SMB-04PETWSHSOAPBASE   Organic Puppy & Pet Wash Base
MSC-SMB-04BODYSPRAYBASE   Organic Room, Linen & Body Spray Base
MSC-SMB-04SHAMPOOBASE   Organic Shampoo Base
MSC-SMB-12   Organic Shaving Soap Base 9.99 Per LB
MSC-365-WHSLEEPYTIMEBALM   Organic Sleepy Time Balm
MSC-365-WHSUGARSCRUB   Organic Sugar Scrub
MSC706SUNLOTION1   Organic Sun Cream
MSC706SUNLOTION1-12   Organic Sun Cream 12-Pack
MSC-SMB-04BODYWSHSOAPBASE   Organic Unscented Body Wash/Shower Gel Base
MSC-365ANTIITCHBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Anti Itch Balm Base
MSC-365BABYBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Baby Balm Base
MSC-365BEARDBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Beard Balm Base
MSC-365BALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Body Balm Base
MSC-365BUGBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Bug Balm Base
MSC-365DEO   Organic Vegan Deodorant
MSC-365DEOBASE   Organic Vegan Deodorant Base
MSC-365LIPBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Lip Balm Base
MSC-365PETBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Pet Balm Base
MSC-365SLEEPBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Sleepy Time Balm Base
MSC-365WARMBALMBXBASE   Organic Vegan Warming Balm Base
MSC-365-WARMINGBALM   Organic Warming Balm
MSC-SMB-04BBBASE   Organic Whipped Body Butter Base
MSC-365-SOAPPACKSBOXES   Package Your Artisan Bars in Eco-Friendly Boxes (48)
WHPALMWAX   Palm Wax SALE 25% off!
MSC-365-SOAPPATCHOULI   Patchouli Soap Bar
MSC-SEO-17PEPP   Peppermint Essential Oil
MSC-TEO-01J   Peppermint Leaf
MSC-TEO-01L   Peppermint Powder
MSC-SEO-15PG   Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
MSC-SEO-14ROSEGER1   Rose Bud Oil
MSC-SEO-14ROSEPETJASBLEND   Rose Petal Jasmine Oil Blend
MSC119   Rose Petal Jasmine Soap Bar
MSC-TEO-01EROSEMARY   Rosemary (dried)
MSC-SEO-18   Rosemary Essential Oil
MSC-TEO-01EROSEMARYPOW   Rosemary Powder
MSC-SFR-0199SafflowerOil   Safflower Oil (High Oleic)
MSC-SEO-14SANDAL   Sandalwood Oil .5 oz
MSC-SEO-14SANDALVANBLEND1   Sandalwood Vanilla Oil for Men and Women
MSC-TEO-01H1b   Seabuckthorn Bark
Shea   Shea Butter
MSC-SMB-12SHEA   Shea Butter Soap Base 8.87 Per LB
MSC801   Soap for Itchy Pets Bar
MSC-SEO-21SPEARSINGLE1   Spearmint Essential Oil
MSC-TEO-01K   Spearmint Leaf
MSC-SEO-02   Star Anise Essential Oil

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