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Oatmeal Spice Essential Oil Blend
Oatmeal Spice Essential Oil


Product Code: MSC-SEO-02OS


oatmeal & spice blend of essential oils. Spicy and rich aroma. Blends well with herbs and citrus peel for exfoliation. It has been linked to so many good benefits from eczema to skin infections to a natural stimulant in aromatherapy and more. When used with essentials such as lavender and lemon, it makes a beneficial massage oil and can be blended specifically for a client or your own needs.

For skin, spice oils are invigorating when applied to the scalp or affected area.

1 oz

Never ingest.

Recommending diluting in a carrier oil like organic olive oil if applying directly to skin.

Great as is, in soaps and lotions.

Always try on a small patch of skin first. Not for oral use.