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What is Black Soap?

The authentic version of black soap is an age old recipe that was developed centuries ago and passed down through carefully guarded family secrets.

Black Soap comes mostly from the Ghana region of Africa, where plantain, its derivative, is plentiful. Once the pods of the plantain are harvested, they are mixed with shea butter, another local worth source and other ingredients like palm oil and cocoa pod powder. Some recipes even call for tropical honey and other secret ingredients.

What does black soap look like?

Real Black Soap is pretty ugly. It actually looks more like brown clumps than black…very brown and very earthy, thankfully with no telltale odor or smell. Called ‘du-du’ by the locals, use your imagination.

Here is a picture: ]

How is African Black Soap Used?

Black African Soap has been known to relieve troubled skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema, which is why it is held in such high esteem. Many people swear by its magical qualities for troubled and dry skin.

What is Mooseberry’s version of black soap and why should I try it?

At Mooseberry, we’ve taken this ancient secret recipe and basically converted it into a modern day recipe that retains the great qualities of the ancient soap while adding a few beneficial ingredients of our own. One addition is pure organic charcoal (made from the charring of local cherry pits). This obviously makes the soap black in color. The Bio-Char purifies the skin and extracts toxins, unclogging nasty pores. Rich in vitamins and iron, this charcoal in Mooseberry’s version of black soap, adds to the deep cleansing action of the soap.

What else do we add and why?

We add local unprocessed honey – anti-oxidant-rich, antiviral, antifungal…the wonders of honey and the list goes on.

What Else?

We add lots of extra vegetable glycerin, a humectant for the skin, meaning it draws moisturize to your skin rather than away from it, which can dry it out.

Essentially, we’ve added the rich emollients of honey, shea, and an awesome blend of essential oils know to be anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and with amazing benefits to your skin and mind. With the purifying qualities of natural charcoal, our blend of oils and the ancient qualities of Dudu, you’ve got yourself an incredible new age Black Soap recipe.

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